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Neurofeedback training

Neurofeedback training
Retraining dysregulated brainwave frequencies
to become more functional, thereby improving
day-to-day performance

Q EEG (Brain Mapping)

E.M.D.R. Training

Counseling for:
Anxiety    Mood Disorders         Depression
Trauma    Somatic Complaints    Addiction
A variety of DSM Disorders

Clinical Hypnosis
Smoking    Somatic Complaints
Phobias     Memory Enrichment
Trauma      Relaxation Training

Consultation with Professionals
Consulting with other professionals as an
adjunct to their established services

Student Consultations
Consulting with students re issues related to their
educational needs - high school, college, graduate level

Court and Legal Testimony
Providing forensic assistance pertaining to
expert witness, competency and malingering

Other services for areas in need of
clinical neuro-psychological assistance

Sessions are generally 60 minutes
Updated April 2014