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Police Programs

Police - Addiction - Depression

Group therapy developed and facilitated by Dr. Kroll to give ongoing support to law enforcement officials who suffer from alcohol/substance addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and More.

Typical Agenda Points
• Relaxation exercises and alternative thinking strategies
• Healthy expression of emotions
• Work related topics
• Depression and anxiety issues related to the job
• PTSD issues and debriefing
• How addiction plays a role
• Work and family conflicts
• Assertiveness and aggressive behavior
• Civilian interactions and off-duty responsibilities and expectations
• Living with a "cop" identity
• Finding a balance in life

P.A.D. sessions are free to all attendees

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  The goal of P.A.D. is:

To train officers in coping strategies that do not include substance abuse.

To help supervisors implement policies on alcohol in the workplace and actively display a commitment to assisting officers with alcohol-related problems.

To introduce and maintain a supportive awareness campaign involving medical, welfare and occupational health and safety staff on the effects of drugs and alcohol so that recruits and officers at all ranks are made aware of the consequences of coming to work intoxicated or with a hangover.

To acknowledge that alcohol can have severe consequences for the professional, financial, personal and social aspects of an officer's life.

To bring about an understanding of the serious implications the consumption of excessive quantities of alcohol can have for the police organization, the individual officer and society, as it impedes reaction time and causes sluggish thinking and coordination. It can also decrease work performance and lead to an incident of absenteeism and the risk of occupational injury.

To help officers understand the need to address and utilize support systems for critical incidents that create Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To bring awareness to the necessity of utilizing stress management techniques to ensure the emotional well-being of officers.

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View Dr. Kroll and Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran discuss Law Enforcement and Mental Health
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Updated January 2014